Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flogic and Flogicians

Recently, I have become fed up due to being confronted with case after case of someone using "logic" to justify almost anything.  For these special yet rampant cases, I have coined a phrase which I believe is not only descriptive but fitting of this flawed logic.....FLOGIC (Flawed LOGIC)!

Though this type of logic usually manifests in early childhood, it is just a part of the learning process.  In normal cases, education and parenting teach the individual to utilize actual logical thought.  However, flogic doesn't generally truly take root until one becomes a teenager.  Just think of all the teenagers out there who think it is perfectly logical that they should get the newest and coolest smart phone despite not keeping up on their chores or bringing home bad grades.  The problem is exacerbated when the flogical parents nurture this behavior.

These special teenagers then grow up and get jobs where they quickly get promoted to become our bosses.  But who in their right mind, you ask, would promote these flogical people?  Flogicians, of course!  When a boss becomes so adept at utilizing flogic that they are able to confound, confuse, misdirect and befuddle staff that utilizes actual logic, their bosses quickly move them up the corporate ladder to become fellow Flogicians.  For more specific examples, check out On The Job Front.

A Flogician is someone so adept at using flawed flogic that they can magically (like a magician) twist and manipulate logical thought to arrive at any conclusion desired, regardless of actual logic.

Believe it or not, Corporate America has not cornered the market on this.  In fact, Corporate America pales in comparison to the hordes of Flogicians who have managed to get themselves elected into public office.  In this case, a normal Flogician enters the realm of a Flogitician (Flawed LOGIc poliTICIAN).

A prime example is extending the tax breaks for the rich to the tune of $600+ Billion.  Their flogic is that this will somehow (magically) create jobs for the middle class (despite 8+ years of evidence that it has the opposite effect).  This, of course, was all during their rantings and ravings about how deeply in debt this country is and how urgent it is that we hack the Federal budget.  Excuse me, didn't that just ADD to the deficit?

In their brilliance and with an additional $600+ Billion more to slash, they are contemplating not extending unemployment benefits (which only saves about $30 Billion or 1/20th of what we lose from extending tax breaks to the rich), public education and other "unnecessary" niceties we middle and lower class kind of need.

If we follow this to its Flogical conclusion, I'm sure they will somehow manage to give themselves big fat pay raises to make sure they all fall into the top tax brackets so they can take advantage of all those sweet tax breaks!

Only Flogiticians could get this country into the mess in which we currently find ourselves (which didn't just happen over the last two years morons)!

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