Saturday, April 23, 2011

Could Religious People Drink Their Own Kool-Aid?

Praying for Athiests?

Could Religious People Drink Their Own Kool-Aid?

The Bible Is "Out Of Context"

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Emancipation Day

Friday April 15th is Emancipation Day and celebrated in Washington as a Holiday. Who better than a bunch of mostly rich, bloated old white men to get that day off as a Holiday! The consolation is that it's one less day for them to sit around dreaming up new ways to separate the rest of us from our hard-earned money!

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Microsoft Errors

My cellmate (i.e. cubicle farm neighbor) Josh posed a question to me today...

Why does Microsoft beat around the bush with their error messages and codes.  Why don't they just come out and say, "HAHA enjoy spending the next two weeks troubleshooting this random issue we intentionally created."

By the way, can you send us an error report so we can laugh at you in real time?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Banks: Make Them PAY

I caught a little of 60 Minutes tonight and they had a story entitled, "Mortgage paperwork mess: the next housing shock?"  Apparently in the midst of people losing their homes left and right by being foreclosed upon by big-name banks, those banks have been losing the mortgage documents that back up the loans. Worse than that, the banks have then been obtaining replacement documents from a document mills, Docx, that are forgeries and submitting them to the Courts!

"...Banks whose paperwork was handled by the Docx forgery mill include Wells Fargo, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, U.S. Bank and Bank of America."

Now, if you or I were to commit this type of fraud, we would end up with a huge fine (probably higher than our net worth) and most likely end up doing time in prison (and not the country club type either).

FDIC Chairman Bair, "thinks rotten mortgage documents are so threatening to the economy that the government should force banks to pay into a massive fund."

"Bair's proposed cleanup fund would pay homeowners to accept a bank's ownership claim without a lawsuit. She says this could be cheaper for banks than trying to recreate the missing documents legitimately - not through document mills."

Are you kidding me? Boo Freakin' Hoo! Let's do to these banks what they have been doing to homeowners! Why should we give them a chance to recover? Do we really want these types of corporations to survive?

The executives and Board of Directors of these corporations need to be punished for allowing this to happen.  Regardless of whether they had first-hand knowledge of this illegal activity, they should not only be responsible but personally liable.  If someone is bringing home the sickeningly high salaries of these executives, then they should be expected to know everything that is going on in their company.  They are either duplicit in the activity or incompetent.  Either way, they MUST pay!

Their savings, investments, yachts, Mercedes, jewels, pentouses, mansions and any other assets should be siezed and used to pay back the victims of their corporate malfeasance!  I better start seeing some executives (and NOT scapegoats) from these banks doing time in prison, and not the country club type!

Finally, let these rotten banks fail.  Let's send a message to corporations and their management that if they want the high salaries then they better take the responsibility seriously or they will PAY!

My New Favorite Quote

"He's a politician. It's like being a hooker. You can't be one unless you can pretend to like people while you're fucking them."

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Progressive's Snapshot Discount

I remember the good old days when conspiracy theorists fought against our Government becoming "Big Brother."  Move aside Government, I think Corporate America may succeed!  Am I the only one who is disturbed by Progressive's new "Snapshot" discount promotion?

Apparently Progressive wants me to plug a device into my car so they can monitor my driving habits for six months?  Then I MAY qualify for up to a 30% discount?  I checked around online and Progressive stated that the drivers who do this earn an average 10% to 15% discount.

Let's break that down.  If my premium is $100 per month, then I may save $10 to $15 a month, or $120 to $180 per year.  I'll be rich!  And all I have to do is give up my privacy to yet another obviously trustworthy insurance company that only has my best interests at heart.

I'm sure the altruistic executives who came up with the "snapshot" discount program have every intention of keeping it on a voluntary basis where drivers are only rewarded and are never penalized.  I mean, big multi-million dollar American corporations are well-know for their philanthropy and always looking out for the little guy!  I cannot even fathom that this could all be part of a larger agenda wherein they turn it from a discount promotion into a requirement to obtain coverage and, ultimately, an excuse to monitor every driver's every move.  Of course it would never cross their minds at any point in the future to use this information against us and raise our rates for even the most minor of infractions.

How expensive does one's insurance need to be that anyone would trade their privacy for $15 a month?  I cannot even come up with a comparison of what I could purchase with that to make my point.  In 40 years, I suppose I may have saved enough to afford a vaction in Libya.  By then it may actually be a hot spot for travel.

In case I haven't made my point, this type of privacy invasion and use against drivers is already happening.

"At the 2011 Mobile World Congress, Accenture, Vodafone, and Qualcomm promoted their partnerships with European automotive insurance groups that are using GPS technology and embedded telematics to track--and bill accordingly--driving behaviors. That level of monitoring hasn't yet made it stateside, but it's probably coming. And it raises the question, how much privacy are drivers willing to trade for cheaper auto insurance?"

Gadget helps Progressive offer insurance discount

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flogic and Flogicians

Recently, I have become fed up due to being confronted with case after case of someone using "logic" to justify almost anything.  For these special yet rampant cases, I have coined a phrase which I believe is not only descriptive but fitting of this flawed logic.....FLOGIC (Flawed LOGIC)!

Though this type of logic usually manifests in early childhood, it is just a part of the learning process.  In normal cases, education and parenting teach the individual to utilize actual logical thought.  However, flogic doesn't generally truly take root until one becomes a teenager.  Just think of all the teenagers out there who think it is perfectly logical that they should get the newest and coolest smart phone despite not keeping up on their chores or bringing home bad grades.  The problem is exacerbated when the flogical parents nurture this behavior.

These special teenagers then grow up and get jobs where they quickly get promoted to become our bosses.  But who in their right mind, you ask, would promote these flogical people?  Flogicians, of course!  When a boss becomes so adept at utilizing flogic that they are able to confound, confuse, misdirect and befuddle staff that utilizes actual logic, their bosses quickly move them up the corporate ladder to become fellow Flogicians.  For more specific examples, check out On The Job Front.

A Flogician is someone so adept at using flawed flogic that they can magically (like a magician) twist and manipulate logical thought to arrive at any conclusion desired, regardless of actual logic.

Believe it or not, Corporate America has not cornered the market on this.  In fact, Corporate America pales in comparison to the hordes of Flogicians who have managed to get themselves elected into public office.  In this case, a normal Flogician enters the realm of a Flogitician (Flawed LOGIc poliTICIAN).

A prime example is extending the tax breaks for the rich to the tune of $600+ Billion.  Their flogic is that this will somehow (magically) create jobs for the middle class (despite 8+ years of evidence that it has the opposite effect).  This, of course, was all during their rantings and ravings about how deeply in debt this country is and how urgent it is that we hack the Federal budget.  Excuse me, didn't that just ADD to the deficit?

In their brilliance and with an additional $600+ Billion more to slash, they are contemplating not extending unemployment benefits (which only saves about $30 Billion or 1/20th of what we lose from extending tax breaks to the rich), public education and other "unnecessary" niceties we middle and lower class kind of need.

If we follow this to its Flogical conclusion, I'm sure they will somehow manage to give themselves big fat pay raises to make sure they all fall into the top tax brackets so they can take advantage of all those sweet tax breaks!

Only Flogiticians could get this country into the mess in which we currently find ourselves (which didn't just happen over the last two years morons)!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

GOP: Get Out Of My Uterus!

When I as in High School, I had a friend who got pregnant.  At the time, the options and ramifications of this type of situation had not fully crossed my mind.  In the back of my mind, I knew I would be incapable of giving a baby up for adoption and that an abortion was an option.

My friend chose to have an abortion and asked me to help her.  It seemed like no big deal and the wisest course of action.  I took her to the clinic for the procedure.

I was forced to confront the reality of what was being done as I sat in the waiting room.  I imagined myself in her shoes.  I graphically imagined that procedure being done to me.  I made a choice that day.  I could not live with myself if I had an abortion.  My new reality was that if I got pregnant, I would become a mother.

Despite this strong and emotional shift in my personal feelings on the matter, I did not feel any differently about my friend's choice.  It was her body, her choice and she would have to live with it.  Many people consider abortion murder.  I do not see it as black and white but will not head down that rabbit hole of why here.  Let's just say, it is my body (my uterus) and my choice.  No matter what choice I make, it will affect the rest of MY life and I will have to live with the consequences.

So, why do so many people think they have a right to decide what happens with my uterus?  Why do they think they know better than I do what decision to make?  Are they more intelligent, more ethical, more experienced, or do they just speak directly to "God"?  Probably not.  Yet they somehow think they have the right to make my most personal and emotional choices for me and every other woman.

Further, why are politicians choosing now to push this agenda?  Sen. Richard Blumenthal states, "As families across Connecticut struggle to find work and make ends meet, it is both disappointing and alarming to see some lawmakers returning to the culture wars of the past and trying to restrict access to health care for women across this country."

"This misguided effort to defund the trusted health care providers on whom women rely would leave millions without access to basic preventive health care, including cancer screenings, breast exams, and family planning."

Really?  With everything going on and our country experiencing very tough times, this is when you decide to propose this type of self-serving, gender-biased, unconstitutional legislation?

Get out of my uterus and pull your heads out of your colons!!!

SEN. RICHARD BLUMENTHAL: GOP Dials Back the Clock on Progress for Women:

To see what other bills (besides H.R.217) are being sponsored, go to:
Here is the page for two of the sponsors of the bill referenced above:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Samaratin

Last night we had a healthy snowstorm. Before I went to bed, I shoveled the walkway to my front door to hopefully get a jump on shoveling today.

When I got up, I looked out the front door and saw that someone had walked on the sidewalk. I thought I better get out there and do the sidewalk before more pedestrians trample the snow, making it more difficult to shovel. Of course I gave no thought to the poor pedestrians having to pass through a foot of snow.

So I threw on my snow shoveling attire and grabbed my shovel. As I shoveled my way down the walkway and down the driveway, I began to notice the sidewalk had not been trampled by pedestrians but had, in fact, been cleared by some generous neighbor's snowblower.

Once I got to the sidewalk I looked up and down the street where I discovered that person had no only cleared my sidewalk but had cleared the sidewalks on both sides of the street as far as I could see. Wow!! Thank you kind neighbor!

If you are able-bodied and know of a person in your area who is elderly or physically unable to do their own snow removal, please consider helping them out.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Creative Solutions to WIDESPREAD Political Corruption

Why does Washington submit bills containing portions of law and spending that are irrelevant to the purpose of the bill? How does this happen? I would love to get control of our politicians' credit cards and use them in this fashion! I'm going to purchase office equipment, but in the fine print I'll be getting myself a new Porsche. I wonder if they'd like being stuck with that bill for "office equipment"?

Why does it seem that by and large We The People do not factor into Washington's decisions and actions? When the two sides of the aisle take a break from slinging mud at each other, the only legislation that seems to get through seems irrelevant to the masses and only beneficial to special interests/corporations/the politicians themselves...

Obviously becoming a politician at the National level is not only a popularity contest, but has come down to who can pay the most for the position (which requires backing from special interests, corporations; who are now entities yikes, and other even more nefarious sources). Unfortunately, it is starting to trickle down to the State level also.

Here are my two creativde ideas for solving this problem:

1. Let's see if the average Joe can make the political system work. Instead of electing our officials (which now takes millions of dollars to become), we should create a system similar to Jury Duty. Every legal U.S. Citizen who meets a certain predefined minimum qualifications would be placed in a pool. Every 2-4 years a drawing is done to determine our representatives. I bet my neighbor Joe would be more likely to pass meaningful legislation that benefits We The People than the current polishes slick-tongued, corporate-sponsored (aka special interest) politicians.

2. Let's just go all in on Infotainment! Let's make being a politician a reality TV show. We could have cameras follow each representative around 24/7 documenting every conversation, meeting, deal, vote, indiscretion, etc. This could be a live stream so we can collectively "police" our politicians for a small fee. Then there would be a weekly show highlighting the best (worst) clips. Let's see what REALLY goes on behind closed doors! While we are at it, we could throw in some capital punishment for certain offenses (like doing the bidding of special interests). Can you imagine what the advertisers would pay for a spot? Oh yeah, we could use the proceeds to pay down our National Debt!!

Do you have a better idea? I'd love to hear it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For The Cure

The Susan G. Komen Foundation ("Komen") thinks it owns the phrase "for the cure." It is spending millions to stop everyone else from using it.

Excuse me, they did not coin that phrase! I believe that phrase existed and was widely used before Komen! Just because they started using it and their cause got big doesn't mean they should OWN those words and prevent others from using them.

Although breast cancer is a terrible disease that we should all help fight, it is not the only disease out there that sponsors events "For The Cure". They should only be allowed to own that phrase when used in conjunction with the foundation name.

It's a really sad state of affairs when a large, well-known non-profit starts behaving like a greedy irresponsible corporation. Oh, they'll say it's to prevent confusion on the part of donors. Really? Are your donors that stupid that just because they saw "For The Cure" in a name they assumed it was Komen? Give me a friggin' break! Watch out....they're coming after the color pink next!

Good thing corporations can't trademark our names. Can you imagine having to pay a royalty every time you say your child's name? I bet corporations would leave corpses in their wake getting to the patent office to patent the term "oh God" if they could. They'd be richer than "God" off the royalties just from sex alone.

Pretty soon I'll need to run a copyright search on every word in every blog! I guess "Free" Speech will go away one way or another!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

When Did It Really Go Wrong?

I woke up this morning in a haze (after completing a 580 mile road trip at 2 this morning) and flipped on my television. There was some local Sunday morning political talk show on. I don't recall the channel or program or even the name of the host or guest (remember I was in a haze). I do recall the representative was a Republican from Colorado.

He kept stating that the people (I assume he meant you and me) have become angry over the last two years. Every chance he got, he mentioned the last two years as when "we the people" became angry. I have noticed the Republican party as a whole seems to be doing this. I guess we are just supposed to forget about the 8+ years previous to that since everything up until two years ago was peachy keen.

I'm a little concerned that our leaders (not just the Republicans) play it pretty fast and loose with the finger-pointing, blaming and facts. Anything that goes wrong is quickly propagandized by spin doctors and thrown at the other party like a grenade.

When and how did this type of behavior not only become acceptable but the de facto method of "debate" by our leaders? Our Leaders? Aren't Leaders supposed to set the example? Should we be teaching our children this method of dispute resolution?

Either politicians took their cue from the playground, or the playground has taken its' cue from politics. Because apparently whomever is the meanest, nastiest liar on the "playground" wins. In Grade school we just called them BULLIES!

Why has Washington turned into a pack of bullies? Why do we let them keep getting away with it?