Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Samaratin

Last night we had a healthy snowstorm. Before I went to bed, I shoveled the walkway to my front door to hopefully get a jump on shoveling today.

When I got up, I looked out the front door and saw that someone had walked on the sidewalk. I thought I better get out there and do the sidewalk before more pedestrians trample the snow, making it more difficult to shovel. Of course I gave no thought to the poor pedestrians having to pass through a foot of snow.

So I threw on my snow shoveling attire and grabbed my shovel. As I shoveled my way down the walkway and down the driveway, I began to notice the sidewalk had not been trampled by pedestrians but had, in fact, been cleared by some generous neighbor's snowblower.

Once I got to the sidewalk I looked up and down the street where I discovered that person had no only cleared my sidewalk but had cleared the sidewalks on both sides of the street as far as I could see. Wow!! Thank you kind neighbor!

If you are able-bodied and know of a person in your area who is elderly or physically unable to do their own snow removal, please consider helping them out.

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