Saturday, January 29, 2011

Creative Solutions to WIDESPREAD Political Corruption

Why does Washington submit bills containing portions of law and spending that are irrelevant to the purpose of the bill? How does this happen? I would love to get control of our politicians' credit cards and use them in this fashion! I'm going to purchase office equipment, but in the fine print I'll be getting myself a new Porsche. I wonder if they'd like being stuck with that bill for "office equipment"?

Why does it seem that by and large We The People do not factor into Washington's decisions and actions? When the two sides of the aisle take a break from slinging mud at each other, the only legislation that seems to get through seems irrelevant to the masses and only beneficial to special interests/corporations/the politicians themselves...

Obviously becoming a politician at the National level is not only a popularity contest, but has come down to who can pay the most for the position (which requires backing from special interests, corporations; who are now entities yikes, and other even more nefarious sources). Unfortunately, it is starting to trickle down to the State level also.

Here are my two creativde ideas for solving this problem:

1. Let's see if the average Joe can make the political system work. Instead of electing our officials (which now takes millions of dollars to become), we should create a system similar to Jury Duty. Every legal U.S. Citizen who meets a certain predefined minimum qualifications would be placed in a pool. Every 2-4 years a drawing is done to determine our representatives. I bet my neighbor Joe would be more likely to pass meaningful legislation that benefits We The People than the current polishes slick-tongued, corporate-sponsored (aka special interest) politicians.

2. Let's just go all in on Infotainment! Let's make being a politician a reality TV show. We could have cameras follow each representative around 24/7 documenting every conversation, meeting, deal, vote, indiscretion, etc. This could be a live stream so we can collectively "police" our politicians for a small fee. Then there would be a weekly show highlighting the best (worst) clips. Let's see what REALLY goes on behind closed doors! While we are at it, we could throw in some capital punishment for certain offenses (like doing the bidding of special interests). Can you imagine what the advertisers would pay for a spot? Oh yeah, we could use the proceeds to pay down our National Debt!!

Do you have a better idea? I'd love to hear it.

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  1. Two words: Term Limits! Although I like your idea about Infotainment. Instead of "American Idol" it could be "American Politician" or "Political Idol", or "So You Think You Can Run Our City (or County or State or Country)?" I think there should be more severe punishment for the losers than just getting voted out though (tasing comes to mind).