Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For The Cure

The Susan G. Komen Foundation ("Komen") thinks it owns the phrase "for the cure." It is spending millions to stop everyone else from using it.

Excuse me, they did not coin that phrase! I believe that phrase existed and was widely used before Komen! Just because they started using it and their cause got big doesn't mean they should OWN those words and prevent others from using them.

Although breast cancer is a terrible disease that we should all help fight, it is not the only disease out there that sponsors events "For The Cure". They should only be allowed to own that phrase when used in conjunction with the foundation name.

It's a really sad state of affairs when a large, well-known non-profit starts behaving like a greedy irresponsible corporation. Oh, they'll say it's to prevent confusion on the part of donors. Really? Are your donors that stupid that just because they saw "For The Cure" in a name they assumed it was Komen? Give me a friggin' break! Watch out....they're coming after the color pink next!

Good thing corporations can't trademark our names. Can you imagine having to pay a royalty every time you say your child's name? I bet corporations would leave corpses in their wake getting to the patent office to patent the term "oh God" if they could. They'd be richer than "God" off the royalties just from sex alone.

Pretty soon I'll need to run a copyright search on every word in every blog! I guess "Free" Speech will go away one way or another!

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  1. I hope no politicians read this blog or they'll get the "bright idea" to demand royalties instead of taxes!