Monday, February 15, 2010


To see a company lead the charge in discriminating against such a “large” number of the population is appalling! About 1/3 of adults in the U.S. are obese ( Is SW really prepared to kick up to 1/3 of its passengers off?

I did not see anything to this affect on their website in the FAQ section. Would I encounter a disclaimer while purchasing the tickets that SW may randomly choose to kick me off their flight if one of their arbitrary employees deems me to be a fatass?

Quite the slippery slope they are on...who determines that a passenger is too obese? Is SW going to create a new position, “Lardass Csar”? Will being weighed and/or measured become part of the check-in process? Will this be applied to all passengers or just the overweight ones? This should make the check-in process even more fun. What if a passenger weighs a lot but is not obese (though I highly doubt someone like Shaquille O'Neal would wish to fly SW)? Do they get to fly because they are in shape and their bulk is from muscle whereas another who weighs the same is from fat?

I am a large woman and have flown SW within the last year. Admittedly, I barely fit in the seat and needed a seat belt extender, but I fit. I’m sure the gentleman next to me was not thrilled, but I did manage to not intrude into his space. Perhaps everyone would have preferred a mother with a screaming baby instead.

These days, I suppose I would be escorted off the plane and given my $100 “sorry” voucher. I do wonder, however, if your company would dare do that if I had my disabled son with me? What if my obesity is due to medical problems?

If SW is going to discriminate, then they should do it properly! I’ve had to fly with other passengers who made my travel unpleasant; for instance alcoholics. I think SW should not allow alcoholics since they will probably drink too much and become belligerent and cause problems (but that may affect their bottom line). Anorexics won’t pay for food and bulimics will probably over-use the restroom for their compulsive throwing up. Let’s kick them off too! Oh yeah, let’s not forget about the mother with the screaming, drooling, dirty diaper-wearing baby that everyone is so annoyed by. Kick them off too.

If SW only allows the thin to fly, then that may disguise the fact that their fleet is just a bunch of airborne sardine cans.

Southwest…the airline that cares (as long as you’re not a fatass)?

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  1. Airlines should only allow young, thin, beautiful people to fly because, you know, ugly, old, and fat people just have no value. Remember that, kids: Don't get old, fat, or ugly, or have surgery to correct the "problem", because God knows we don't want the rest of the world to have to suffer.